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Diego Diez

Diego Diez (Barcelona, 1994) is an artist disguised as a curator disguised as an artist, and viceversa. The roles that Diez takes are as ambiguous as the provenance of the materials and sources he uses - they shift between curatorial or editorial practices to solutions that might end up with more objectual outcomes such as drawings or photographs. His work aesthetically bears relation with the solutions achieved by the generation of conceptual artists from the 70’s - always with an austere outcome but, hopefully, with slightly more humor. In his latest works Diez has been playing with installations, drawings, publications, rumors or exhibition practices that he uses to create a labyrinth of inter-related narratives often based on real incidents or characters or existing artworks. Working with facts as a material but fiction as a medium he has the goal of shifting the roles within the context of each artwork or the reactivation and recontextualization of art related situations.